февраля 25, 2008

Avant Window Navigator without Xgl

Since I've found the Avant Window Navigator I liked it very much. One is it's problems is that it requires composite manager, but compiz's performance did not satisfy me.

The compiz also caused significant slowdown in any GL games... So I switched off Xgl and installed alternative composite manager - xcompmgr. It's available in the packages.

To perform sequential startup the xcompmgr and avant-window-navigator at the session start I created the file /usr/local/bin/avant-window-navigator-noxgl and made it executable:


if [ -z "$(pidof compiz)" ]; then
        sleep 1
if [ -z "$(pidof avant-window-navigator)" ]; then
exit 0

Then I added record to the gnome session (gnome-session-properties) to start avant-window-navigator-noxgl at the session startup.

Of cause you can simply add two consequent records - xcompmgr and avant-window-navigator in the gnome session, but this records should be executed sequentially, so I think method I proposed is little better :)

That's it. Now I'm able to use the incredible AWN without GL performance degradation.

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